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Online Catalogue |  Migraine & Cluster Headaches

Oxygen Therapy - Migraine and Cluster Headaches

This page will tell you how Supplementary Oxygen Therapy is helping my wife - a long term sufferer of chronic migraines.
and how we may be able to help you try this for yourself

Medical oxygen is classed as a drug and misuse of it can cause serious harm. Never use supplementary oxygen without first obtaining clearance from your GP or other medical specialist.

For those who suffer from migraine (and cluster headaches) this will be a familiar story but this time with a happy ending:

My wife, Jenny, has suffered from serious migraines for at least the last 15 years. At their worst they can last for several days. At best she gets a few clear days but then, triggered by any one of many causes or, for no apparent reason at all, back they come once more.

We know that stress doesn't help and over the years she's identified a number of foods and more specifically additives that she can guarantee will start a migraine and usually within just a minute or two after ingesting it. She does her best to avoid the things she knows are harmful but it really isn't that simple.

Over the years Jenny has tried many different drugs finally finding that Zomig is the best (drug) solution for her. However even Zomig doesn't always work and as with all drugs it has its side effects. God knows what damage it can do long term.

Up until October 2011 Jenny was regularly using 30 x Zomig capsules a month sometimes having to take 2 capsules a day. Then there was a dramatic change!

As part of our daily business we provide (sell or hire) oxygen concentrators usually to patients with serious respiratory problems who require supplementary oxygen to various degrees every day of their lives.

However being in the "oxygen" business we also meet or hear of people on a fairly regular basis who appear to be having success using oxygen as part of their "alternative therapy" treatment for a variety of sometimes quite serious illnesses. Bizarrely last year we were even asked to help one of the top motorcycle sportsmen who was using oxygen, under supervision, to speed up the healing process following surgery on one of his hands. I'm also aware that many top sportsmen / women (and teams of) use oxygen in their efforts to achieve and maintain peak fitness.

Meeting these people and always looking for a new solution for Jenny finally got me thinking. " If oxygen helps these people I wonder what it might do to help her migraines?"

Early last October during one of her particularly difficult series of migraines (and with her GP's consent) I persuaded her to try taking supplementary oxygen just to see if it had any effect. At the very first attempt and after just 20 minutes or so of breathing supplementary oxygen at 2 litres / min via a nasal cannula her migraine had just evaporated away. Neither of us could believe how effective it had been. My private thoughts at the time were probably that it was "all in her mind but if it works does it matter?".

However since that first try in October Jenny has religiously turned to her concentrator every time she has a migraine either on its way or when she's woken up during the early hours with one in full force. I can tell you with 100% honesty that over 80% of her migraines either disappear altogether or are significantly helped by her intake of oxygen. Usually it takes 20 - 30 minutes to achieve its full effect. The length of time supplementary oxygen has worked for her already far exceeds the success of all the other treatments she's tried added together - and there's been a few of those!

Jenny's last prescription for Zomig was early in October 2011. She was given her standard supply of 30 capsules. Of these she still has 8 tablets left. To us that's a miracle!

Whether you use drugs or alternative therapies is seems that there's nothing that works for everyone. I know for certain that oxygen is highly effective against Jenny's migraines and I've met or spoken to a lot of people who appear to be having similar success with other illnesses including cluster headaches. If it works for them its got to be worthwhile for you to consider having a try. You've got nothing to lose except your migraine!

If you'd like to discuss this in more detail or to find out how we might help you to try this potential solution you're welcome to call any time. Our contact details including a free call-back service are displayed at the top of this page.

Good luck!

Martin Clark

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