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Online Catalogue | Respiratory Products and Services. > Oxygen Concentrators Hire or Buy >  I-Fill Home Oxygen Filling Station, Devilbiss

I-Fill O2 Cylinder Filling Station

I-Fill O2 Cylinder Filling Station
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Price incl. vat 3,000.00


 What is I-Fill? 

100% of oxygen patients qualify for VAT Exemption
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Manufactured in the USA by Devilbiss.

I-Fill offers a fantastic opportunity to veterinary clinics, dental practices and other similar professional organisations wanting to escape from costly oxygen contracts with complete safety.

The I-Fill Oxygen Filling Station manufactured by DeVilbiss is a single stand alone unit no bigger than an average mains operated Oxygen Concentrator that combines the action of a Concentrator with a filling station that fills oxygen cylinders to the industry standard pressure of 2,000 psi. Although "standard" in terms of available sizes and pressure the cylinders used are fitted with special filling valves and are therefore "I-Fill specific" .

I-Fill is ideal for oxygen patients using a higher level of oxygen than can be comfortably supported by a battery operated Portable Oxygen Concentrator. I-Fill offers these patients a high degree of mobility and 100% independance with "self fill" oxygen cylinders.

I-Fill is becoming increasingly popular with professional organisations including veterinary clinics, dental practices etc. seeking to free themselves from the costly oxygen contracts offered by the major gas companies. Until recently there was no alternative!

For these establishments it is relatively easy to replace their main supply with Oxygen Concentrators. However this is only part of the problem. Regardless of the reliability of their Concentrators, its essential for them to have immediate access to an emergency supply and this can only be achieved with cylinders. Two steps forward and one step back!

I-Fill plus a small number of refillable cylinders is the ideal solution. Combined with Concentrators this offers 100% independance. 100% control of costs with a system that eventually pays for itself. Includes built in fail-safe!.

TeNS Medical Services Ltd specialise in making this conversion. Not only can we convert you to reliable hospital quality mains operated Oxygen Concentrators but we can rid you completely of your oxygen supply contracts with an I-Fill. Even better, multiple practices can share a centrally located I-Fill. Individual practices can work together and make exactly the same level of saving.

You're most welcome to call for further details.

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