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Online Catalogue | Cholesterol & Glucose Meters >  Mission Cholesterol Monitoring System new

Mission Cholesterol Meter

Mission Cholesterol Meter


(Price excl. VAT: 50.00)


 Brief Description  Full Details  Technical Details  Why Is Cholesterol Important?  Cholesterol Level Guidelines 
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With the Mission Cholesterol Meter you can take a direct measurement of your levels of Total Cholesterol, HDL (good Cholesterol) and Triglycerides (free fat) EITHER as individual tests (each needing a fresh 10 microlitre blood sample) and from these three values you can then manually calculate your level of LDL (bad Cholesterol) OR you can run a triple (Full Lipid) test using the "3 in 1" Test Strips which will give you the three separate direct readings from one (35 microlitre) blood sample plus an automatically calculated value for LDL.

For home users we recommend starting with individual Test Strips then move to the "3 in 1" analysis once you've mastered the technique. The most common combination used by professionals including NHS sponsored screening companies is Total Cholesterol and HDL.

Professional (and serious domestic) users would benefit by using the time saving "3 in 1" option.

In addition to analysing levels of Cholesterol the Mission System provides a "Cardio Risk Assessment" evaluating the patient's risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease (when used with the "3 - in - 1" Test Devices).

- Test Results available within 2 minutes even for the Full Lipid option.
- Single Test for Total Cholesterol, HDL and Triglycerides
- Multiple Test for Total Cholesterol (CHOL), High Density Lipoproteing (HDL) and Triglyceride
..(this option also includes calculated Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), CHO / HDL ratio)
- Cardio Risk Assessment evaluates risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

- Can test whole blood, serum or plasma
- High hematocrit Range of 0 - 55%
- Quick results ideal for both professional and home use.


- Large LCD screen for easy reading
- Battery operated (standard). Can be run from a/c adapter (not included).
- Results can be displayed in European or USA units.
- Memory storage for up to 200 test results.

A sample of blood (10 microlitres for the single test and 35 microlitres for the triple "all in one" test) is taken from a finger prick and transferred by using a capillary pipette onto a Test Strip (Test Device) inserted into the Meter. The Test Strip is individually (by batch) calibrated to the Meter by a MeMo Chip inserted into the Meter at the start of the test.

The blood sample passes through a series of paper filters finally reacting with the bottom layer discolouring the (visible) disc. This is then optically analysed to produce the desired reading. This "Reflection Photometryl" technique is recognised as being the most accurate method of analysing Cholesterol components at a patient screening level.

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